May 2, 2010

UPDATE: Maryland GOP's website running after crash for 16 hours, kind of

Great news for Republicans trying to win statewide office for a candidate. Their official website works again, after being down for 16 hours. By the way, there isn't a single living former Republican U.S. Senator from Maryland and the only living former Maryland Republican Governor is Bob Ehrlich (who was the only incumbent governor to lose in 2006). Ehrlich faces Brian Murphy, of Chevy Chase, in the Republican primary for governor. Website problems certainly don't help candidates.

The problem with the State Republican website follows problems with the Montgomery County Republican website, which was down for about a week in early April. The website is run by Moshe Starkman, Republican candidate for State delegate in District 19.

UPDATE #2: Actually, there now appears to be two Republican websites. Obviously, it's not working after all. See Who is on the Republican technology committee that would allow such continuous website slop?

UPDATE #3: is down again! . . . Stay tuned for my information and updates.

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