May 7, 2010

Missing Teens Found Living in the Woods, with BB guns

Imagine never having to pay rent, or a mortgage, or utilities. It may sound pretty enticing. But before you move out, just know that you can’t live in the woods in Montgomery County. On Thursday, Maryland-National Capital Park Police arrested a group of people who appeared to be living in the woods in Silver Spring. Police originally received a call for an abandoned motorcycle on Sligo Creek Stream Trail next to Interstate 495. When an officer arrived to check it out, he noticed the engine was still warm. That’s when he walked back into the woods and stumbled upon a makeshift camp.

Five people were apparently living there. One of them was marching around with what appeared to be a military rifle, according to police. Officers said they also discovered BB guns, combat training manuals, wilderness survival handbooks and heroin. All five face drug charges, including James Randall, 22, of Poolesville, two 15-year-old boys and a 16-year-old girl. Roman Lycyuk, 18, of the District, is also charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Police said two teens in the group had been reported missing from the District. Police spokeswoman Sgt. Lauryn McNeill said it doesn’t appear the group had any plans to cause harm. They reportedly told police that they wanted to live in the woods. SOURCE: NBC Washington

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