June 10, 2010

NO LONG LINES: Seniors receive diplomas early

For most high school students, four years of hard work and stress lead up to one moment: graduation. But five seniors on the debate won’t join the rest of their class for the ceremony. Instead, they received diplomas at a special graduation June 7, because the National Forensic League speech and debate tournament occurs during the main graduation June 14. Seniors Perry Green, Sarah Houston, Jane Kessner, Caroline Sherrard and Rachel Umans received their diplomas. All five addressed the small crowd of friends and family, followed by a speech from speech and debate coach Anjan Choudhury.

“It’s that initial conviction you have that will create that ripple out in the world,” Choudhury said. “It’s conviction that makes people listen, that makes change happen. This group of graduating seniors will effect change in the world.”

Debate sponsor Colin O’Brien suggested the separate graduation to principal Alan Goodwin after some parents of debate students were trying to figure out how these seniors could compete and graduate as scheduled. O’Brien and Goodwin decided to host a smaller event in the courtyard because without the special ceremony, these debaters would’ve had to choose between attending either the NFL tournament or graduation. SOURCE: Black and White

PICTURE: Seniors Sarah Houston, Caroline Sherrard and Jane Kessner walked across the courtyard during the special graduation ceremony. Photo by Alexander Burnett.

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