June 9, 2010

Where is the White Flint Financing?

It’s been eleven months since the Planning Board proposed a financing mechanism for White Flint. It’s been nine months since the Montgomery County Council first began public hearings on the White Flint Sector Plan, including the financing plan to support the new infrastructure. It’s been six months since the County Executive first began proposing financing options for White Flint. It’s been five months since the Council Committees began considering the County Executive’s financing proposals. It’s been three months since the Council unanimously approved the White Flint Sector Plan. It’s been two months since the County Executive became so bogged down in budget negotiations that even the prospect of $7 BILLION from White Flint redevelopment couldn’t shake the financing plan loose. It’s been a month since the County Council made some very hard decisions on the budget. Which of these is the right measure of how long we’ve waited for a financing plan?

Barnaby Zall. SOURCE: Friends of White Flint

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