July 12, 2010

HOT: Montgomery County man's electricity taxes jump from $7.31 to $41.63

ROCKVILLE, Md. - You might be a little shocked if you haven't taken a look at your electricity bill lately. A 150 percent energy tax increase went into effect July 1 in Montgomery County. It will be in effect for two years. The tax per kilowatt hour of electricity use jumped from half a cent to 1.3 cents. The cost per therm of natural gas rose from 4 cents to 11.5 cents. Last month's increased energy bills were tied to a temporary -- even larger -- energy tax increase passed by the Montgomery County Council in May to make budget for the fiscal year, according to The Examiner. The energy tax rate was increased 300-percent until the end of June.

Patrick Lacefield, a spokesman for County Executive Isiah "Ike" Leggett, says the increase is unavoidable. "Barring an increase in this tax, however, county government would have been required to make even deeper reductions in county services," he tells the paper. In a complaint to the council, one Gaithersburg resident wrote that he was shocked to see the energy tax on his June Pepco bill jump to $41.63, after being billed $7.31 in May. SOURCE: WTOP

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Anonymous said...

This gigantic "energy" tax increase (amounting to 10% of overall electric bill from Pepco)is outrageous! In this recession, most workers in Montgomery Cty have flat or even decreased income. The politicians do not realize this is UNSUSTAINABLE for average citizen or to entice new business growth. We need a leader to bring concerned citizens together...is Dan Vovak ready to lead the charge?