July 14, 2010

Audry Scott v. Susan Trumbull & Red Maryland v. Blue Maryland on State Circle

I am disappointed that Mark Newgent of Red Maryland mostly agrees with a blogger from America's most liberal blog (Daily Kos). What type of conservative representative is he (and Red Maryland) when Newgent did more job pandering to the Left than the Left did to the Right? It's no wonder Maryland (and Hawaii) are the weakest states in America for electing state-wide Republicans.

By the way, for Maryland Republican Chairman Audrey Scott to not utter the name of a single Republican running for U.S. Senator is just bad politics. (Dr. Neil Cohen, a dentist, is a candidate for U.S. Senate. Cohen's website is MarylandModerate.com.) It's also awful that Audrey did not find a single lawyer in Maryland to run for attorney general against Gansler, giving Gansler a clear-cut pathway to governor in 2014. Audrey's leadership void in Prince George's County (which Audrey once called home) is abysmal, especially since she ran for chairman on her "strong" roots in that county and their is an absolute void in filed candidates there.

Ask yourself who is more convincing in this chairman interview and it's no wonder Maryland Republicans have problems with their leadership. Thankfully, Audrey Scott in her campaign launch video for chairman promised that she would only serve for one year after Chairman Jim Pelura resigned.

Daniel Vovak is "the most conservative candidate electable" in Montgomery County, for County Executive. Those words are in quotes because Mark Newgent used them on State Circle, referring generically to Bob Ehrlich, a moderate in his primary against Brian Murphy, a conservative. Montgomery County is Maryland's most populated county and has the second most number of registered Republicans (behind Baltimore County).

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