July 12, 2010

QuteCare seeks to match domestic health with elderly needs

QuteCare Household Staffing Services works to match domestic service professionals and home health aides to homes and families that need assistance in taking care of their loved ones. They provide services in the area of eldercare, childcare, housekeeping/cleaning services, administrative/personal assistance services and child tutoring services. They understand the demands of fast-paced living and work to recruit and screen candidates from a pool of well qualified, dependable and attentive caregivers who are emotionally and professionally suited for their clients’ needs. QuteCare is not a referral agency, hence they charge no placement fees or application fees, they handle caregiver’s payroll and tax issues so that you can relax. With QuteCare you make the final decision of the caregiver you hire as you are given the opportunity to interview the caregivers matched with you to ensure you are getting the caregiver you are comfortable with. QuteCare Household Staffing Services can be contacted Monday through Saturday 9:00am – 6:00pm at 301-217-0024 where one of their friendly agents is more than willing to work with you, or you can visit their website at www.qutecare.com.

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