October 25, 2010

MontCo looks to keep cars off the grass Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/local/MontCo-looks-to-keep-cars-off-t

Montgomery County officials want to rid the suburb of lawns that look like parking lots and driveways overrun with massive vehicles used for businesses. The County Council on Tuesday will vote on a bill from County Executive Ike Leggett that would keep homeowners from parking cars in their front yard and remove large commercial vehicles from their driveways. The suburb already bans parking such vehicles permanently on the street. The crackdown sought by Leggett stems from a series of complaints in Aspen Hill -- a pocket that stretches between Rockville, Silver Spring and Wheaton -- where mobile eateries and tow trucks line the neighborhoods. Some officials who asked not to be named said the measure was aimed at a heavily Hispanic population in the area. The prohibition on so-called "heavy commercial vehicles" applies to those that are 21 feet long or more than 8 feet high. And aside from temporary parking for visitors or loading purposes, vehicles of all sizes would also be barred from the front lawn. But some worry about carrying out the strict law.

"How are you going to enforce this?" said Councilman Mike Knapp, D-Germantown. "If you can't park your vehicle on the street or in the driveway, where do you go? I certainly don't know the answer." SOURCE: Washington Examiner

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Anonymous said...

I am against it. What is the real intention behind this bill now law?
To make the street look pretty? Yes, you can ban them and try to get rid of those ugly-looking vehicles and people, but when you need their service, where do you find them? They are hard-working people. They need to feed their family. For a community, you don't just let good-looking cars and people live there, all people deserve a place to live.

This government is too bossy.