October 28, 2010

Sentinel (and Gazette) reports Robin Uncapher is a man (candidate MOCO Council At-Large)

According to the Sentinel, Robin Uncapher, a candidate for Montgomery County Council (At Large) is a man. Notice how the newspaper also references that she/he does not have a website the newspaper reporter could find.

ROBIN UNCAPHER (R) — Robin Uncapher has run a quiet race, eschewing public debates and press appearances. In the primaries he obtained 24 percent of the vote and has reported no campaign funds raised nor any expenditures. Uncapher does not appear to have a website or an official campaign. In one of his few interviews, Uncapher said his focus in running for council is to put a halt on county employee salary increases and reevaluate how salaries are determined.

Here is what the senior citizens think about Robin Uncapher, according to the Gazette:

Electoral conundrum: male or female?

Robin Nixon Uncapher, Republican candidate for the Montgomery County Council, is not a bald, middle-aged man with glasses and a mustache — despite a recent election packet that identified her as such. The Leisure World Legislation and Taxation Committee distributed a packet at an election forum it hosted Monday with a picture of a man — who may not even live in the county — identified as Robin Uncapher. A committee member said he searched candidates' websites for their photos, but upon finding no website for Uncapher, relied on an Internet photo search. The committee's website since has been updated with Uncapher's actual photo.

At least the good news is that both the Gazette and The Washington Post endorsed her/him.

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