October 27, 2010

Post endorsement omits mention of MoCo Republican

WASHINGTON - An omission of a county executive candidate in a major newspaper has caused a controversy in Montgomery County. An editorial in the Washington Post failed to acknowledge Doug Rosenfeld, a Republican candidate for Montgomery County executive, in the paper's local endorsements -- one week before Election Day. In Tuesday's "Montgomery County Endorsements" editorial, the Post says incumbent County Executive Isiah Leggett "is running unopposed" for the seat. Rosenfeld is on the list of candidates available on the Maryland State Board of Elections website. He tells WTOP he "was shocked but not surprised" by the failed mention, and called the omission "an intentional action."

"The Post has been very good about not covering my campaign throughout this election cycle," Rosenfeld says.

Rosenfeld says he switched from being a Democrat to a Republican after 18 years because of issues related to education funding. He says the damage is done, even if the Post runs a correction. A Post spokeswoman tells WTOP the omission was an error and the paper will run a correction Wednesday. SOURCE: WTOP

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