March 29, 2011

Bill Frick Update

Just received this from Bill Frick and wanted to share with the community — some good news there but still waiting to hear what our delegation is doing to address our water quality issues:
Dear Friends,

What a weekend for Maryland policy! Two terrific bills passed through the House on a busy Saturday session, and I wanted to share the good news as soon as possible.

It’s a great privilege to serve you in the Maryland General Assembly. If you have any concerns or constituent service needs, please do not hesitate to contact me at or at (301) 858-3454.
Direct Shipment of Wine

After years of delays, the House finally passed legislation to facilitate shipment of wine directly to consumers. The bill is not perfect, as it is limited to wineries only — thus excluding rare wine retailers and some wine clubs that Marylanders would like to join. Nothwitshtanding its flaws, the bill represents progress that has been far too long in coming.

Accountability and Transparency in Tax Expenditures

Today the House also passed my bill to improve our state budget process. According to estimates, Maryland spends nearly $4B a year through a combination of tax credits, exemptions and deductions. In many instances, we have little information on whether the expenditures are achieving the result that they were adopted to achieve. If adopted by the Senate, House Bill 620 will force tax credits to expire unless they are re-authorized following a cost-benefit review. In these tough times, we can’t afford to spend money – through appropriations or tax credits – without justification. SOURCE: Bethesda Actually

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