March 31, 2011

Two charged in death of University of Maryland student Justin DeSha-Overcash

Two men have been charged Thursday in the death of University of Maryland student Justin DeSha-Overcash, a law enforcement source tells ABC7 News. The suspects, who have no relation to the University of Maryland, allegedly murdered the 22-year-old because they knew he was a drug dealer and wanted his money, a source says. The men are charged with first degree murder.

DeSha-Overcash was shot to death January 11 in the home he rented in the 8800 block of 38th Street in Adelphi, just across University Boulevard from College Park. His murder was the 12th of the year in Prince George's County. Authorities initially implied that he was killed over his involvement with drugs, but DeSha-Overcash’s family denied those claims.

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