March 29, 2011

Eight-periods days “actively discouraged” for 2012 school year

Stake out your seat in the cafeteria now, because lunch next year may be a little more crowded.Counselors will now “actively discourage” students from taking eight-period days, resource counselor Frances Landau said.

Counselors will still make scheduling decisions on a case-by-case basis. The option of an eight-period day will remain available to students who need the extra credit to graduate, for example, but will be discouraged for students without such compelling reasons, principal Alan Goodwin said.

Counselors’ reluctance to schedule eight period days comes in response to budget cuts predicted for the 2012 school year. As average class sizes continue to increase, Landau doesn’t think it’s economical to allow students to take an extra course if it means adding more students to already overflowing classes. About 20 students are taking an eight period day this year, Landau said.

“It’s really a question of how big a class can be,” she said. “It’s just not fair to tax teachers like this, and we only have seven periods of class in our budget.”

Counselors may make exceptions for classes with low enrollment, Goodwin said.

Student stress was another factor in the change, Landau said. When the school first allowed eight-period days about 10 years ago, most students chose to take electives that didn’t add much to their workloads. SOURCE: Black & White

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