April 13, 2010

Be cautious around landscaping

The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service reminds residents to use caution and common sense when it comes to fire safety as warm weather arrives. One of the most common causes of fires this time of year is improperly discarded smoking materials. Montgomery County Fire Chief Richard Bowers is urging residents to be aware of the dangers of improperly discarded cigarettes, particularly around landscaping. “The risk of a mulch fire is more common than one might expect. We have seen a steep increase in mulch fires as commercial and public facilities ban smoking inside buildings and smoking materials are discarded into landscaped areas as people enter and/or exit a building presenting a significant safety hazard,” said Chief Bowers.

• If you smoke, PLEASE properly dispose of all smoking materials and matches. • If you see anything smoking in a landscaped bed, put it out safely if possible and immediately report it to someone inside the building. If the burning material is not thoroughly doused with water or removed, it may re-ignite.


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