April 16, 2010

Montgomery County crime fell 7 percent in 2009, police say

Crime in Montgomery County fell nearly 7 percent last year, driven by a sharp drop in burglaries and car thefts, according to police statistics released Thursday. The county recorded 13 homicides and 124 rapes -- both of which are near 25-year lows and follow similar trends throughout the region.

"We're doing a better job putting cops where they need to be," Police Chief J. Thomas Manger said.

He said technology -- inside and outside the department -- continues to help police solve crimes and get criminals off the street. Inside the department, police are using computerized crime data analysis to better target hot spots and more DNA testing to solve crimes. Outside the department, detectives are able use an increasing number of surveillance cameras to solve crimes -- even images captured by businesses across the street from those targeted by criminals.

"There are cameras everywhere," Manger said. SOURCE: Washington Post

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