April 14, 2010

UMd.'s Student's Grandfather Speaks Out

BETHESDA, Md. - Former Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge and the grandfather of the 21-year-old University of Maryland student who was captured on video being taken down and hit unconscious by police in riot gear is speaking out. Jim McKenna believes the officers involved should be prosecuted. He said his grandson, Jack, has at least eight staples in his head, a wrist injury and possibly long-term psychological damage. Jim McKenna believes the video leaves little to the imagination.

"If the three of us, you and I and the cameraman, were to go out with batons and march out onto the street and bludgeon the first person we run into, which is essentially what they did, you can rest assure we would be tried, convicted and sent to jail," McKenna told FOX 5. SOURCE: FOX DC

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