April 16, 2010

Dead Orioles?

The Orioles are off to the worst start in recent memory. There is nothing else to say. The Orioles are the definition of "snakebit", nothing seems to be going right. Sitting in the park last night I thought for sure that the Orioles would win that game. Luke Scott hit that absolutely clutch homerun and I KNEW we would win.

But then - well - yeah. All of those looking for heads to roll, thankfully Andy MacPhail has a much cooler head. When asked about Dave Trembley's job security in the Sun today he replied: “I don’t even know how to begin to answer that. We are nine games into [the season],” he said.

But he did answer it because he knows that if he didn’t, speculation would be rampant:

“That’s just not the way I operate. We are going to do everything we can to try and make personnel decisions to try and help the team, and that is what we are going to focus on, making things better and not looking for scapegoats.”

At least someone has a cool head. It has been rough O's fans - really rough. Thankfully, it can only go up from here. Go Birds? Seriously, I'm going to bed - ugh. SOURCE: ORIOLE POST

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