June 29, 2010

Crash survivors remember Muhammad brothers in Silver Spring

SILVER SPRING, Md. - In less than a week, four teens have died in accidents on our local roads. Now, two crash survivors speak out about the dangers. They're battered and bruised but Kayla Jackson and Ami Nata are thankful to be alive. Late last week, they were riding in the backseat of a car when it crashed into a telephone pole.

"All I see is a light and we hit a curb then it's black again," remembered Kayla Jackson

The driver was 20-year-old Idris Muhammad. In the passenger seat was his 19-year-old brother Khalifah.

"I'm screaming their name and their not moving - not flinching, nothing," said Ami Nata

The brothers didn't survive, and Monday hundreds of their friends and family members filled Northwood High School to remember them. Khalifah was a freshman at Morehouse College. His brother a graduate of Kennedy High School. Positive young men with bright futures cut short but these grieving family members aren't alone.

"I been watching the news lately and there have been so many accidents happening constantly. I'm like 'what is this?'" said Ami Nata.

On Sunday, Justin Dorsey died on River Road in Montgomery County (web | news) . Last week, another teen died in a crash in La Plata. Haki Muhammad can only hope that something positive will come out of so much tragedy.

"I think the one thing their friends are learning is when I get I the car, I'm puttin' on my seatbelt, I'm putting two hands on the wheel, I'm not texting," said Muhammad.

"It's not worth it 'cause I lost two really good friends and I'm gonna go through it for a really long time," said Kayla Jackson.

Now the Muhammad family has to bear the cost of burying the brothers. The brothers' family has set up a fund for them. To donate, you can go to any Bank of America branch and donate to the account under the name of their mother, Nisa Muhammad (in Maryland).

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Anonymous said...

As Salaam Alaikun to Sr.Nisa and the Muhammud family. My thoughts and prayers go out to you in the most heartfelt way. My son was just accepted to Morehouse College and I made sure he read this article from the TV news report. May Allah keep and bless your entire family. Sister Delilah and Bro. Michael Rashad. Hempstead, NY