July 2, 2010

Mother Teresa's relics in Baltimore

BALTIMORE, Md. - Mother Teresa is being honored in Baltimore this week, one month before what would have been her 100th birthday. Mother Teresa visited Baltimore one year before her death. At St. Wenceslaus Church in Baltimore, a steady stream of the faithful got to see her cherished rosary, worn sandals and other personal items. Pat Allen was moved to tears.

“It has a very special meaning because she was such a holy woman,” said Allen. “Those shoes walked on holy ground. All her work was holy and it’s special to touch them and look at them and even to pray in their presence.”

14 years after her last visit to Baltimore, Mother Teresa's missionaries of charity are still out front and helping the poor. In poverty stricken areas of east Baltimore, a steady stream of people came to be inspired. Many of the faithful were also able to kiss relics of her blood and hair. The personal items are part of a North American tour in honor of the 100th anniversary of Mother Teresa's birth. Some never got to see her but these items are an important reminder of her holiness.

“To see this is incredible. Moving and inspiring,” said Jo Anne Sibisky.

Many have no doubt she will be the next saint in the Roman Catholic Church. The miracle of her work and message continues well past her death in 1997.

“Mother Teresa cared for the lowliest of the lowly and saw Christ in all of them and I think she wants us to do that. She's a holy woman and she should be one of his blessed saints,” said Allen. SOURCE: FOX DC

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