June 28, 2010

Montgomery County ends use of port-a-potty in parks

Here is another cut that the county government must make to fund the bloated public school system which is not even a county government agency. The Montgomery County Parks Department has announced they are forced to close the port-a-johns in the County Parks. So, all you coaches, and moms and dads, make sure you have a place for Johnny and Suzie to pee, because it won’t be in a port-a-potty. And be sure to drop a line to Board of Education president Pat O'Neill and to the County Council who approved the MCPS budget to say thanks. O'Neill's email address is here. Or, you can call her at 301-320-7600. As for the County Council, their email address is here. The President of the Council which approved the budget is Nancy Floreen and her email address is here. SOURCE: Parent's Coalition of MC

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