July 2, 2010

Water restrictions in effect for Montgomery County

This 4th of July weekend, there will surely be plenty of fireworks. But when it comes to waterworks, you may not see as much in Prince George's and Montgomery counties. WSSC has issued mandatory water restrictions for 2 million of its customers, after crews discovered a 96-inch water main ready to burst Thursday. As crews continue repairs on the faulty pipe, WSSC spokesperson Lynn Riggins said Friday morning, "We made tremendous progress overnight."

The fiber optic sensors in the 8-foot water pipe actually picked up the sound of reinforcing wires snapping.

"Yesterday, we started digging down on the pipe and we've exposed the wires and confirmed that ... the wires that support the pipe were starting to fail," Riggins said.

Now, crews are working to drain the pipe so they can cut the failing section out and replace it. Meanwhile WSSC is asking customers to cut their water usage by a third.

"Customers we need your full cooperation with these water restrictions, we understand its a holiday weekend and I know its inconvenient," Riggins said.

The repairs will take at least four days and that means no outside or inside water use.

"No water, well, we'll just have to suffer a little bit," one resident said.

WSSC wants all customer to conserve water until the repairs are completed, including no topping off swimming pool, watering lawns and washing cars. Inside the home, customers should limit showering, washing dishes and clothing.

"Cutting back on washing clothes, I'll just probably have a mound," one woman said.

WSSC say the sacrifice is worth it to avoid another disaster like the River Road water main break. After a "failing" pipe was discovered on Tuckerman Lane Thursday, WSSC officials said, "There's been increase activity of wire break in the last 24 hours so that led us to shut the main down."

Officials say sensors have pinpointed the exact week spot on the eight-foot water main. A four-foot pipe is being used as a back up over the next 3 days. WSSC says they're working with local fire departments to ensure that there is plenty of protection this holiday weekend, considering there will likely be many firework displays. SOURCE: WJLA


tirsden said...

Cutting back on washing clothes? My whole apartment building has had no water at all since last night and they don't know when they'll get water back. Toilets don't flush, can't wash dishes, drinking water is whatever was stored ahead of time. Gee, wish a load of clothes or watering the yard was all I had to worry about.

Daniel Vovak said...

Where do you live?