July 2, 2010

Montgomery County Democrats thank Daniel Vovak, a Republican

Today Daniel Vovak received a hearty "thank you" from the Montgomery County Democrats. Vovak is running for county executive against Isiah Leggett. Vovak website is here.

Vovak said, "It's a rare Republican to receive a letter of thanks from Montgomery County Democrats. I'm sure many Democrats will vote for a fair Republican for this election cycle and give me a chance. If Leggett didn't run the county into a $1 billion deficit this year, then a Republican couldn't win, but now winning is a possibility. I'm probably the only Republican since Connie Morella whom Democrats can trust."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Except Connie Morella didn't give to Democrats.

Consider this filed away for future reference in case you ever try to pursue a leadership position in the Republican Party again, Mr. The Whig Man.

Given this donation, your other attempts to curry favor with Democrat constituencies who want to grow the size of government, and your promise to appoint a top MoCo Democrat as your #2, it's pretty clear that you are, in fact, NOT a Republican. You're not even a Montgomery County "RINO".

You are a Democrat masquerading as a Republican.

So why don't you just save everyone the trouble, stop playing this charade, switch your party affiliation, and just challenge Ike Leggett to a primary in the party to which you both hold allegiance?