June 29, 2010

Signals changed after traffic mess

Here we go again. Montgomery County's Traffic Management Center had an issue Tuesday morning that caused traffic signals to fall out of sync, according to a county police spokesman. Normally lights favor heavy traffic patterns during rush hour, allowing longer green lights for inbound drivers, but that was not the case Tuesday morning. The signals returned to normal by 10 a.m., but some major corridors in the county still had back-ups, including Route 29 and Georgia Avenue. Some commuters said they were still trying to make it into work at that time. There was a similar problem for a couple of days in November 2009. The signals being out of sync caused major back-ups for morning and evening commuters. Some intersections were manually controlled to help with the flow of traffic. A Montgomery County traffic spokesman had not returned NBC4's calls for comment as of this writing. SOURCE: NBC Washington

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