October 15, 2010

Bethesda to replace 2006 (old-fashioned) trolley cars

Aidan Lapierre, 14, and his friends enjoy riding around on the Bethesda Circulator with no destination in mind.

"I get on because it looks like a trolley," the Bethesda teen said. "It's more fun,"

Aidan usually has to go straight home after school, but on Fridays, he and his friends like to hop on the trolley car that provides free rides and travel around until they come across an appealing activity. But next summer, Aidan, his friends and the 1,000 or so other daily passengers of the Bethesda Circulator will be picked up by a new vehicle.

Officials will replace Bethesda's three trolleys -- which are designed to look old-fashioned, although they were built in 2006 -- by high-velocity buses that look more like the District's sleek circulators than something out a San Franciscan memory. Officials said it is necessary to provide a circulator service that is more reliable than the trolleys, which break down often and are difficult to repair, said Stephanie Coppula, a spokeswoman for the Bethesda Urban Partnership. SOURCE: Washington Post

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