October 14, 2010

Ehrlich O'Malley debate #2

WASHINGTON - The two men running to be Governor of Maryland came into the District of Columbia Thursday to debate each other. Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley and former Republican Governor Robert Ehrlich faced off in a spirited contest at The Washington Post building in front of an audience. On the subject of immigration, O’Malley said the issued had been turned into a “political football” by Republicans. The governor decried what he called a “desire to blame new Americans for the problems in our economy. New Americans didn’t run Wall Street into the ground.”

In response, Ehrlich said O’Malley’s description of illegal immigrants was inaccurate.

“If somebody breaks into my house, is that a new member of my family that night? That’s not new Americans, [they are] illegals,” said Ehrlich.

Following the debate, both candidates said they believed they did well. When Ehrlich was asked what he had to do in the remaining weeks given the fact that several polls now show him trailing, his answer was “catch up.” The two candidates held their first debate Monday.

COMPLETE DEBATE (from O'Malley campaign):

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