October 15, 2010

Chicago, now appearing at the KAT

Last Saturday we went to see Chicago at our local theatre, the Kensington Arts Theatre at 3710 Mitchell Street, near the Safeway. We’d already seen Violet and Rent there this year and had a great time. It was also a nice way to spend our anniversary.

The musical which originally opened in 1975 on Broadway is set in Vaudevillian Chicago during the roaring twenties and showcases murder, greed and faux celebrity. In 2001, Hollywood made an Oscar winning movie of the musical starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger. It’s loosely based on the true story of two Chicago who were accused of murder. The KAT had 20 people performing the musical and we greatly enjoyed it, tickets are only ten dollars which is an absolute steal for the two hour of entertainment. Great acting, fun songs and a high energy show make the time fly by and I’d highly recommend it. They also have a deal where you can get front row tables to 2 and share a bottle of wine while watching the play. Go to KATonline.org to see the various options in more detail.

Twenty actors, plenty of song and dance, good humor and a story that’s pertinent to today’s media driven society makes it a can’t miss. There are three more weekends that its showing. MORE: What's Up Wheaton

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