October 11, 2010

Police Investigate A Double Fatal Pedestrian Collision

ROCKVILLE, Md - Montgomery County Police say two young men, both 26 years old, died after they were struck by a car on Rockville Pike early Sunday morning. Adam Joseph Hosinski and Rory Joseph Weichbrod were crossing near the White Flint Metro Station at Marinelli Road when they were hit by a 2010 Black Acura around 3:15 am.

“We heard brakes screech and then we heard this crash and someone laying on the horn for like five minutes,” Sam Hooper says. She and Rachel Stone had left the metro station and crossed the intersection just seconds before the two men.

“The impact was the thing,” Stone says. “Both of us jumped and grabbed onto each other, it was that loud.”

Police say the driver initially stopped, and may have offered assistance, but got back into his car and took a right turn on Old Georgetown Road before stopping again.

“At that point a witness to the collision stopped and spoke with the driver who told him to come back to the scene,” police spokesman Paul Starks says. “When the officers were speaking to him, it became evident to them that he may have alcohol in his system. He was arrested and processed for DUI.”

But Starks says it could take weeks before investigators can determine whether it was driver or pedestrian error that caused the accident.

“We’re going to be looking at this whole section of Rockville Pike,” says Montgomery County Pedestrian Safety Coordinator Jeff Dunckel says the crash happened on the edge of a known hot spot for pedestrian accidents along Rockville Pike. “We have cars moving at a higher rate of speed and this is where the more severe accidents happen.” SOURE: FOX

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