October 11, 2010

Co-Workers and Friends Remember Kiela Ryan

GAITHERSBURG, Md. - In the two years Kiela Ryan worked at Main Street Tickets in Gaithersburg, she made quite an impression. Nicole Haskins is a family friend and had known Ryan since she was a baby.

"We sat right next to each other. A lot of high fives and stuff like that all the time," said Haskins.

Ryan was one of 16 workers and had just been promoted to team leader.

"She was an excellent co-worker, a great friend, always somebody you could to and talk to," said co-worker Chris McCasland.

"She was great at her job," said Lee Shenker, one of the owners of Main Street Tickets. "She had attention to detail, great with customers, great co-worker, never came in here grumpy, always smiling, long days working weekends, never a problem."

In fact, the only problem with this perfect employee was the fact she was a Dallas Cowboys fan in an office full of Washington Redskins fans.

"The last Cowboys-Redskins game, I actually did a video of her. She was running around the office and dancing, pumping up for the game and that was just Kiela," said co-worker Amanda Young.

On Thursday night, Ryan was out celebrating her 24th birthday with her brother and some friends. As they parked in Dupont Circle, in the blink of an eye, the celebration turned tragic.

"As we were getting out, I didn't actually see the hit, but when I turned around, she was lying on the ground and she wasn't moving," said Valerie Kressin, who was with Ryan that night.

As she was getting out, police say she was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver. SOURCE: FOX

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