October 15, 2010

Clarksburg High walkers taking dangerous path

Shelly Malik drives her daughter, Shimona, 14, to Clarksburg High School in the morning, but Shimona walks home along Frederick Road, a state road without a sidewalk that many consider unsafe for walking.

"To be honest, it is so dangerous," Malik said. "I've seen so many kids walking in the road."

The Maliks live in Clarksburg Highlands, less than 2 miles from the school. Montgomery County Public Schools does not provide bus transportation to high school students living within 2 miles of a high school, as long as students have a safe path to the school.

The traffic light in front of the school, at Frederick Road and Foreman Boulevard, offers a safe crossing of Frederick Road, said Alan Heard, communications manager for the Montgomery County Public Schools transportation department. Students can then walk along Foreman Boulevard to Timber Creek Lane and enter the Clarksburg Village and Clarksburg Highlands communities that way, he said.

Both routes are about 1.5 miles to the Malik house, but the path along Foreman Boulevard appears less direct. SOURCE: Gazette

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